"Keeleklikk" e-course

"Keeleklikk" is a modern online Estonian course for intermediate learners that is suitable for individual study and also for classroom use. "Keeleklikk" targets adult learners who want to learn to communicate in everyday situations.
The course consists of 15 comprehensive language learning units that include animations, videos explaining grammar, exercises and tests. "Keeleklikk" also features a real Estonian teacher with whom students can exchange letters and oral messages via email.
The project has been financed by the European Social Fund and the Estonian Ministry of Education and Science, and it is free of charge on computers and all mobile devices for anyone who wishes to use it.
We hope you will enjoy learning Estonian online!

Authors of language content:Leelo Kingisepp ja Marju Ilves
Software author: Hydraco OÜ

Suggestions, comments or questions can be sent to the manager of the course by using the following form or by using the email address info@keeleklikk.ee.

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